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The Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Arizona!

Firebird Balloons is the premier company for hot air balloon rides in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Glendale, AZ areas. We take you up, up, and away in our beautiful hot air balloons. Our flights are the most picturesque way to see the Sonoran desert, and Firebird Balloons gives you the most thrilling experience of a lifetime! Whether you are on vacation, celebrating an anniversary, making a marriage proposal or just out to have a good time, your flight awaits!  Raved about by locals and tourists alike, their testimonials confirm the expertise of our crews as well as the enjoyment of the entire hot air balloon experience.

Personalized Hot Air Balloon Rides Await

At Firebird Balloons, we specialize in intimate, spacious, and enjoyable experiences. While other balloon companies fly bigger and crowded groups with less time in the air, we fly smaller hot air balloons to give passengers a more personalized experience. Our balloons carry a maximum of 6 people (plus pilot) for hot air balloon rides that are comfortable and enjoyable. Our services are tailored to you so that your ride will be remembered and cherished whether it is for a very special occasion, a bucket-list item, or an event.

Special Events

We provide the best possible ballooning opportunities for small families, friends, and wedding ceremonies. Riding in a hot air balloon creates memories that last a lifetime. Our balloon’s smaller capacity is perfect for two people to enjoy a beautiful and breathtaking experience together such as viewing a sunrise or sunset over the Phoenix or Scottsdale desert landscapes. We have even conspired on a few marriage proposals during hot air balloon rides, and we also love to host hot air balloon wedding ceremonies.

Contact us today for an experience that you will always remember. We fill up fast, so make your hot air balloon ride reservation today.

Morning Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise

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