Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Are you looking for an attention grabber to ensure that your next event is an unforgettable and distinctive affair? Consider offering tethered hot air balloon rides. If you are hosting an outdoor event, tethered hot air balloons do much to attract crowds and excite your guests. Many people would love an opportunity to ride in a tethered hot air balloon; by offering a balloon experience at your event, you can encourage greater attendance by invited guests, and can certainly attract more publicity.

What is a tethered hot air balloon?

A tethered hot air balloon is secured to the ground with several strong ropes to keep the balloon from traveling away from your location. A tethered balloon can fly anywhere between 25 and 100 feet in the air and will allow a large number of people of all ages to enjoy a tethered balloon ride at your event. In fact, between 50 and 75 people per hour can usually be accommodated on tethered hot air balloon rides. Our colorful balloons stand approximately 80 feet tall when inflated, adding a WOW factor to the visual impact of your event.  The hot air balloon rides become even more spectacular after dark, as the flame inside the ‘envelope,’ as the actual balloon is called, will illuminate the night sky. A Balloon Glow, a group of hot air balloons floating above the earth at night with their balloons lit up, is a spectacular finish to any event.

Are there any safety concerns?

A tethered hot air balloon is perfectly safe for guests of all ages. For a safe flight, you will need to have a large outdoor field with no overhead wires or cables nearby. In addition, it is important to use the words “wind and weather permitting” in your promotional materials since weather can be unpredictable and you want to ensure the safety of your party guests. Tethered hot air balloon rides are very safe, and our pilots and crews are trained professionals with guest safety as their first priority.

Why tethered hot air balloon rides?

A tethered hot air balloon is the perfect entertainment for your next outdoor function. This unique experience will thrill your guests and attract more buzz around your event. We can offer several different types of hot air balloon flights for your event. A hot air balloon is a safe and exciting attraction that will make your event more marketable and eye-catching. We will tailor our services to your individual needs to make your next event a big hit with all of your guests.

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