Hot Air Balloon Rides
and What to Expect

A hot air balloon ride from Firebird Balloons will last approximately 3 hours from pickup to drop-off.

The tour will begin at the designated meeting point. From there, we will take you to the launch site that will give you the best flight for that day. This is where the hot air balloon will be inflated with fans and fire, and prepared for your hot air balloon ride. Your time in the air will last approximately an hour, while you enjoy the surrounding Sonoran Desert and all the beauty that it has to offer.

We have chase cars that watch the hot air balloon and follow its flight path to pick you up after your hot air balloon ride. After your pilot brings you safely back to earth, and while you are still in awe, We have a post-flight ceremony that many have enjoyed. And last we will transport you back to the meeting point where we part with an amazing and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Want to show someone special your adventurous side? Embarking on a hot air balloon ride in Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect setting. With spectacular views of your choice of either sunrise or sunset, you can journey through the sky.

Firebird Balloons ensures that “private hot air balloon ride” means exactly that, private. Our private balloon rides are perfect for couples, best friends, small families and more. Most other balloon companies will stuff a balloon’s basket with dozens of people who are strangers. Make your ballooning experience personal and surround yourself with your loved ones.

Air Balloon Rides in Arizona

When one visits Arizona, they are visiting one of the most beautiful deserts in the United States. On your visit, get unforgettable memories with one of a kind views of the Sonoran Desert. Hot air balloon rides are a great activity for small groups, families, friends, or a romantic afternoon. Firebird Balloons specializes in personalized balloon rides so that you can enjoy your trip with the people you want.

Types of Balloon Rides

Small Group Trips

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Tethered Balloon Rides

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