Firebird Balloon Tour Prices

What makes Firebird Balloon rides different than the others? We allow our customers to book the whole ‘gondola,’ as the basket is known, for your own private party to celebrate that special occasion in a unique and memorable way. Whether it is a romantic couple’s flight for an engagement or anniversary, a special birthday, or a milestone such as a graduation or retirement, we do what it takes to make sure that your celebration is unforgettable.

Want to know more about Phoenix balloon ride prices? Contact Firebird Balloons today to set up your very own balloon tour. Firebird balloons top priority is customer satisfaction and comfort. We make it so that our customers have the most memorable balloon ride compared to anything else. Why is it better to provide a customer with their very own private gondola? Firebird Balloon’s offers this service so that you can experience your balloon tour with friends and loved ones. Being able to choose who is with you on balloon tours so that you are comfortable with the people closest to you.

Tethered Flight Packages

Tethered rides can be used as a unique attraction for a personal or corporate function. Tethered hot air balloons can also be used to attract attention to a specific event or location.

A tethered ride is when the balloon is anchored with multiple tie-off lines, not allowing the balloon to go higher than a certain height. The balloon will go up and down on the ropes, for the agreed amount of time while letting the designated guests ride.

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