Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Phoenix

Want to see the desert in a whole new way? Soar through the sky in a Firebird Balloon and explore the Arizona deserts. Firebird Balloons is the premier company for hot air balloon rides in Phoenix, AZ. See the world from a different point a view, and create some of the best memories in our hot air balloons. Choose solo trips or fly with your friends and family and build stories that will be talked about for years. Hot air balloon rides are the best way to see Arizona’s deserts and Firebird Balloons is the perfect company to provide you with the experience.

Personal Hot Air Balloon Rides

Find the most exciting balloon rides with Firebird Balloons. Get a more personalized adventure with Firebird Balloon’s small group service flights. Travel through the skies in a way that you or your loved ones will never forget. Firebird Balloons provides the best hot air balloon rides for private groups in Arizona, testimonials confirm the professionalism of our crews and the joy filled hot air balloon experience by our customers.

Romantic Balloon Rides

Trying to figure out that special way to tell the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Spend a unique romantic excursion in the sky; whether it’s a date, marriage proposal, or even a wedding ceremony. Firebird Balloons offers the most unique and memorable way to share unforgettable moments with your one-and-only.

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Types of Balloon Rides

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