Balloon Tours

Why we love balloon tours

Balloon tours are the experience of a lifetime. For many people getting to go on a balloon tour crosses something of their bucket list. Balloon tours can be the perfect celebration for anything from anniversaries, to birthdays, a marriage proposal, or simply to enjoy a nice ride through the Sonoran Desert.  

Romantic Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides are the perfect getaway for you and your significant other. Enjoy an outstanding evening through the Sonoran Desert. Firebird Balloons has hosted from first dates to marriage proposals.

couples hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon Weddings

A hot air balloon wedding is a unique and modern way to celebrate the union of to two loved ones. Many modern couples look for new ways to celebrate, and a hot air balloon wedding is the perfect, intimate, and experience of a lifetime.

Small Group Tours

We want you to get the personal experience, so we fly in smaller groups. We want you and your family/friends to enjoy this experience together – we strive to make a memory of a lifetime.  

Tethered Balloons

Tethered balloons are attached to the ground leaving anywhere between 25 to 100 feet of rope for them to fly up. These types of balloons are safe for all ages. Tethered balloons can fly anywhere between 50- 75 people per hour. These balloons are perfect for any outdoor event. This type of balloon requires large outdoor spaces with no wires or cables nearby.

romantic hot air balloon trips

Why Firebird Balloons

We pride ourselves in making every trip personal and memorable for you. Unlike other balloon flying companies, Firebird Balloons maximum capacity is four passengers plus the pilot. We also offer more time in the air to enjoy with your loved ones. We like to fly in smaller groups so families and friends can enjoy themselves and each other’s company in the air.