Hot Air Balloon FAQ

FAQ: What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Answer: Your space in our balloon is reserved by credit card or advance payment. We accept major credit cards. Your credit card is used for authorization only, so you may pay cash the morning of your Hot Air Balloon Ride. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours. If you cancel within 48 hours of your flight or fail to show up, no refund is given and the full fare will be charged.

FAQ: What do I Wear?

Answer: We recommend wearing layered casual clothes for the best hot air balloon ride experience. Depending on the time of year, the weather will be cool in the morning; it is usually warm in the basket due to the burner used to heat the air. Please bring a hat and wear closed-toe flat sole shoes.

FAQ: Are there any age restrictions or limitations?

Answer: You must be in good general health. Pregnant women and people with pre-existing lower back problems should not take a hot air balloon ride. Children, 5 years and older, must keep both feet on the basket floor, we recommend children be tall enough to see over the basket, to prevent boredom. All passengers must be able to stand unassisted in the balloon. You are required to read and sign a liability waiver in order to ride in our balloons.

FAQ: What if I am afraid of heights?

Answer: Believe it or not, most of our customers are afraid of heights. Because we are in an attached basket, riders do not experience the fear of falling sensation that one gets when looking over a ledge, concerned that the ground beneath will give way. Our hot air balloon ride includes terrain flying, floating just above the treetops. We smoothly climb up so that you may get a good look at the Sonoran desert. Most riders tell us that the balloon ride is as gentle as riding in an elevator.

FAQ: What is your tipping policy?

Answer: Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. Tipping is customary in our industry with 10% being the average. If you had a safe flight and enjoyable time, please remember to tip. Your gratuity is greatly appreciated.

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“Fun Balloon Ride”

The experience was great. We met up in the morning. They drove us out to a launch site, we helped get the balloon filled up, and we climbed aboard. Our pilot, Rollie, was experienced and professional. He said he’d done it about 2000 times. Our chase crew (the guys that follow us and pick us up) were fun and professional as well.

“Great Experience”

I was given this balloon ride as a retirement gift. The flight included just me and my wife and the pilot. It was a beautiful experience. We saw other balloons with much larger groups, but I think this ride was much more personal and enjoyable. My wife was a little apprehensive to go, but she thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I highly recommend Firebird Balloons for a most enjoyable ride.